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The Yoga House is situated in a beautiful century home in Penetanguishene.  We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where yoga is accessible and practiced as a way of life.  True Yoga is inclusive.  Whether you are an experienced practitioner or beginning one’s yoga journey, all are welcome. 

Our mission is to grow a community of yoga practitioners dedicated to living and sharing Yoga’s innumerable benefits.  We want to provide you with a place of peace and renewal where you can connect with who you truly are.  We encourage the focusing of each student on his/her own individual practice and development of awareness to body, mind and spirit.   We have created an atmosphere which invites exploration and reflection through inner focus.

Our teachers bring a variety of experience and recognize the differences in individuals and will help you to adapt in order that all students can find a way to work with their bodies in a safe practice. We believe that everyone can do yoga.  No matter your age (from 0 -100), no matter your flexibility, whether you are an athlete or do very little, if you are pregnant or for the student who lives in pain or those who have limited mobility.  We encourage a regular visit to your mat in order to work with your body and mind.
Yoga is a way of living our lives.  The Yoga house is committed to fostering physical, mental and spiritual growth through a transformative yoga practice. During the class we are able to learn the yoga postures, learn about our breathing, learn to relax and learn about ourselves and use that knowledge outside the class. We learn to live to our fullest potential.  The way we think about ourselves changes, and as a result the way we relate to others and our environment changes.

We invite you to gather, practice and grow with us.


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